Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Kat chat!

I had a nice phone call last night with zarhooie. Poor lady's sick. I tried sending mental waves of Vitamin C towards her, but apparently nothing fancy and, um, impossible like that was needed: just having a nice chat seemed to perk her up. But I had to stop making her laugh, because she'd also cough and that would hurt.

Hey, is "It only hurts when I laugh" a lyric from somewhere? *scurries to Google* Oh, it's the title to a Stan Freberg book! Among other things...

You'd better not be surprised that I'm this random this soon after waking up.



The chat.

It was a half-hour well spent. Among other things, we talked about accents. She told me some words in Russian and Armenian. I asked her what Armenian sounds like with a Boston accent. She said "It would probably scare people."

Good to talk to you, ma'am.

Work will happen today, as will, after work, Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. I have a ticket waiting for me at OMSI Will-Call. My camera and film are on my desk, waiting as well.

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