Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Frustration in a dream

In last night's dream, a group wanted me to join them, for magical reasons. Really magic: it was a group that wanted to preserve and protect magic in the world, and felt that I could help.

(Not sure if it's a needed detail, but the group that was recruiting me was the Librarians of the fun fantasy-adventure show The Librarians. I recently watched its second season and I'll soon borrow the third season. Before that I'd watched the first season and had taken time to warm up to it, until I accepted that it was never meant to be a continuation of the same showrunners' previous show Leverage, which at some level I think I'd expected.)

In my dream, I was excited. I eagerly did what the group asked, and realized the meaning of what they were asking. I could join them, and then be a part of helping the world. I could.

I did the actions the group wanted, to show that I meant to work with them, that I'd be good at it, and that I believed in their mission. I finished knowing I'd be joining them.

And then, as the dream continued, I met the representative from the group again, talking to me again, and I realized: time had somehow reset, and all the recruiting and actions had no longer happened, and the group was recruiting me from scratch as if they hadn't already hired me. And in my dream I tried to remember all that I had done to convince them the first time I'd be a good fit.

I think I'm glad I didn't have this dream while I was hunting for a real-life job.
Tags: dreams

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