Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Observations What Are Random

Li'l things noted:

* The newer TriMet buses now have automated voices announcing the bus number and bus line, for benefit of people waiting to board. When the bus is Drop-Off Only (like some of the morning wave of buses up to OHSU, where far more people are heading up to the hospital than down away from it), the message is "Drop Off Only. Sorry. No Boarding." I kind of like that an inanimate object is saying "Sorry."

* A local mattress sale commercial on the radio is mentioning "2000 year mattresses." This makes me chuckle. "Clearly this skeleton of a Roman is resting on a comfortable 2000-year mattress!"

* zarhooie has made a request that I finally get a userpic, damnit. I'll try to do that soon. This is a reminder to myself, as well as to someone who might be able to help me who shall go nameless, because I don't want to pressure [gender deleted so as not to signal who it is]. I need visuals; I know. They will happen.

* Good way to start the workday: I turned on my work radio and put on my headphones and got to hear "Sowing the Seeds of Love" by Tears For Fears. Again, I say: Good way to start the workday.
Tags: portland, radio, work

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