Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I saw "Avengers: Endgame"! It was really good! I did other stuff these past two days, too!

I'm lucky that I could make it to a Friday morning screening of Avengers: Endgame. Yes, morning: like on the Sunday of the release weekend of 2018's Avengers: Infinity War, the Bagdad Theater on Hawthorne had a morning screening for the film's opening weekend. It started at 10:15. I was there plenty early. Blessedly, the theater didn't have a slew of trailers: it had one, the teaser for Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker. I'm glad for their restraint.

Still processing Endgame so I won't go into detail about my reactions, but I really, really liked it. And I like that already, there's a piece saying "The ending of Endgame seems to open up a paradox, but here's why it probably didn't," strongly suggesting that the ending is not only happy, but elegant.

I had lunch at the front pub part of the Bagdad — Jamaican curry rice bowl, clam chowder, and a Terminator Stout chocolate milkshake — and thought Y'know, it's been a while since I sat over on this end of the front pub. How long has it been? Then I reminded myself that the film screening series Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts hosted for years at the Bagdad ended seven years ago, in December 2012. It does not seem that long.

I stayed out longer so I could then go to Beulahland, where I'd been Thursday evening too, to attend Dawn Taylor's closing art reception. Her paintings and sculptures (mainly bird houses modified to be quietly disturbing) were on display, and Dawn was talking with friends and admirers. (We tend to be both friends and admirers.) I made one last stop on the way home, having butterscotch whiskey ice cream at Fifty Licks about a block south of Beulahland. Note to self: Fifty Licks still has Cubano coffee, and some time when it's not too late in the day, I want to get another one.

Today, I lazed. Then I got presentable and went to the lube place I last went to, to take care of a car errand. Several days ago I'd gone out to clean some stuff from my car, and when I lifted one of the windshield wipers to remove fallen plant junk from it, the wiper, um, fell off. I'm not technically inclined enough when it comes to cars to be sure if a part was missing or the wiper simply needed to be snapped back into place, so a I asked a guy there. IT JUST NEEDED TO BE SNAPPED BACK INTO PLACE. I tipped him and thanked him for helping me and for easing my mind.

I also felt in the right mood for a road trip. Driving my own car on my own schedule and route, so it feels different for driving for work. I went to the west side: Hillsdale Library, Helvetia Tavern (my first time there, and I'm glad I went, and I randomly ran into my friends Ryan and Kristen as they got food from there to go), North Plains, then Hillsboro for a brief walk around the Hillsboro Stadium/ Tonkin Field grounds. It's a football/baseball/softball/presumably soccer facility, and a neat place, and I'd never gotten any closer to it than passing it on the Sunset Freeway. I'm glad I visited.

Right now, laundry, then winding down for the night.

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