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Doing my job, I'm doing it...differently

Oh: that's what a split shift feels like.

That's part of why Monday was an odd day. I started work at my usual time, and an hour in a supervisor of ours confirmed for us: the morning was unexpectedly slow and we had too many people, while in the afternoon and evening it was going to be busier and we didn't have enough people scheduled for then, so: could some of you volunteer to leave and come back?

I left and came back. So did another co-worker. I clocked out after an hour in the morning, during which I'd done one work thing. One. Like I said, slow (it's never been that slow during a day shift I've done). I took the train and the bus home — walking part of the way down NE 82nd while waiting for a bus to catch up — then tried to relax.

That didn't go too well, darn it. I never managed to nap, which I'd hoped to do, though I did rest to an extent. Then a good lunch, then heading out to start my second commute of the day. I was well-armed with caffeinated drinks.

The second, longer part of my work day was busier, as promised: steady. I didn't have to stay through the whole swing shift (and I'd known from experience not to commit to being there that long), and I got home.

The math tells me that I should try not to do split shifts too often: I worked a total of 6 1/2 hours (with half an hour for lunch) and was on transit for a total of 4 hours, so yesterday was not the most efficient day. But hey, holiday pay.

I'm still recovering from yesterday, as I still needed to work today at my regular time. Steady-to-busy morning, a slow afternoon, so, near the opposite of Monday. Sleep soon, once my laundry is done...


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