Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

News That Sucks

My car was stolen yesterday.

[long string of swear words deleted]

I'd driven part of the way to work Sunday morning, getting on the MAX to ride the rest of the way, and started my work day early and finished it late. That night I got back to the parking garage where I'd left my car, and: no car.

After getting a ride home from one of my housemates (and, luckily, my phone had enough power for me to make a phone call), I started the frustrating and tedious process of reporting the theft. That night I let Portland PD and my insurance company know; I also called in to work and said I wouldn't be in on Monday morning, so there's one benefit of working for a 24-hour operation: you can always reach a supervisor. This morning, I rested — though I was still tense — then contacted TriMet, which let me know Portland PD would reach them to see any security footage from the garage. And in the midday, I called back to work, doing my due diligence to see if they'd need me today in the afternoon or evening. They didn't, so with their OK I took today off. Mental health day. Good idea.

I appreciate people who've commiserated with me since I let people know, who've boosted the signal on Facebook to maybe alert someone who might see my car, and who've shared advice and experiences. This sucks and is frustrating. (Some friends wondered if maybe it was towed, which I doubt: I parked in a garage that allows you to park for up to 24 hours, and there was nothing wrong with how I'd parked it. But wouldn't that be a plot twist...)

I keep having an irrational belief that I'll see my car randomly drive by. I've even briefly imagined the car showing up back in front of the house where I live, maybe with a note saying "Sorry." Meanwhile, I've done what I can so far. I can only wait and see, and continue to get around via the bus and MAX, and do my best to function.

(No, I was not in fact for something dramatic to happen so I could blog about it...)

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