Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A gift: a breeze

Two days ago, Portland hit a high temp of 98° F. Yesterday, it was about ten degrees cooler, so, still hot. This morning, when I woke up late and first went, still in a bathrobe, outside, it was...kind of slightly cool. Relievedly.

It was still coolish in the midday, once I got back from Super Deluxe and the Holgate Library. And I indulged, in a way: I left the front door open. The slight breeze could move some fresher air into the house.

I was careful. I stood near the door, reading a book but keeping a lookout for cats. Last summer during other heat waves, I would sometimes sit on the porch and then run interference with any neighborhood cats who wanted to enter the house. This time, there was that concern plus the fact that we once again have a cat who lives in this house; I needed to make sure he wouldn't go out. Luckily he didn't; luckily no local cats wanted in. I finished a chapter and, figuring this had helped a bit, closed and locked the door.

Thank you, fresher air, for coming.

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