Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Train, In Vain

Imma vent.

Getting to work on Sunday mornings is relatively easy to screw up. There are fewer buses and trains, and the time between when my bus gets to the MAX station and when the MAX Red Line train arrives to go to the airport is tightest. Other days, I wait 5-8 minutes at the station; Sundays, it's 5 or less, and sometimes the train pulls in as I head down the stairs from the street to the platform. I've cut it close a couple of times. If I miss it, again due to fewer Sunday trains, I take a train that gets me to the airport late; at least if I somehow miss my usual train Monday-through-Thursday, the next train still gets me to work on time.

I missed my usual train today. The bus was late getting to my first stop; it seemed to be making more stops than normal for soon after 6 a.m.; at least one person apparently needed to quiz the driver for half a minute before deciding that yes, they would get on; and IT WAS ALL SLOW, SLOWER THAN NORMAL, COME ON COME ON I HAVE A PLACE TO BE.

Ah, the frustration of being on time myself and so many others being slow, so that I can't do things on my usual schedule.

I may go back to my Sunday backup plan of leaving half an hour earlier (earlier than the already-early time I otherwise leave) so I can take the previous bus and then the previous train, taking my usual train if I (also, somehow) miss the earlier train. I'd rather not, but I'm less inclined to be potentially regularly late. And for two weeks in August (Sunday the 4th to Saturday the 17th), MAX will be disrupted for line work that will make what trains can run, run less frequently. I'm going to ask at work if for those two weeks, I can use a parking tag and park in PDX Employee Parking, which I haven't done yet but which might make sense to do for then.

And no, I don't feel ready yet to trust my car to the parking garage where some jackasses stole it in June. They stole it only the second time I'd ever parked at that garage, by the way.

There. I've vented.

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