Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I wasn't reading.

That just-over-two week period where I was driving to work and not taking TriMet there, I also wasn't reading. Not really. For several reasons, that period of time was pretty tiring and at day's end I mostly didn't want to do much, and I didn't want to start a new book because I wasn't sure how much attention and time I could devote to one.

That and I read a lot on the bus and on the MAX train. Not there? Not reading nearly as much. Though I've been back using TriMet since Monday (after indulging myself with one more car commute last Sunday).

Generally, my reading this year has been much slower than in most past years. I aim for the pace of at least four book-length works a month, basically a book a week; I've mostly done less than that in 2019.

I'm noting that. And making sure I keep reading; a few days ago I started Summer Knight, the fourth novel in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. It's light, but it's something. And soon, I hope, more poetry; I'm waiting to borrow a poetry collection by Emily Brönte, the writer of Wuthering Heights.

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