Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Blog entries are allowed to be long! Still! Anyway, my weekend.

I've indulged some this weekend:

Thursday I wrapped up work for the week, and took a different route than usual so I could go to Beulahland: I was in the mood for a burger, a beer, and a shot. I got all of those (plus the minestrone soup Beulah had that day). I could, too, since I was done driving for the day. A rye whiskey and a Narrangasett (a New England lager; Beulah stocks it) got into me. I had satisfying floating-like feelings afterward. By the way, I made sure not to have any more alcohol; I know I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking.

Friday, after sleeping in (😌) and confirming my paycheck with some overtime plus some retro pay I was owed had been deposited (🙂), I had breakfast at the corner coffee shop then cleaned clothes, including new dark socks and a new pair of pants. (Socks verdict: they work! Pants verdict: the sewing wasn't good in places and I seem to have dangling strands in my pockets that I'll need to trim without causing the whole thing to unravel.)

I also wrote. I have a poem in progress, which by then meant "six words plus some notes." It's a poem I'm writing as a memorial to Dana Thompson. This is not an indulgence: I want to do something special for her. I'm glad to say I made progress, though the poem's coming together in bits and pieces, not very linearly so this may take a bit.

After that was some outside time: walking to the nearest library branch for my latest borrowed DVD plus some desktop online time — certain things are easier to do on a desktop computer than a tablet — followed by walking until a Holgate bus caught up to me. I took that plus a 70 bus plus, of course, my feet to get to another place where I could indulge, Cider Riot! (The exclamation point is part of the name.) I'd been meaning to finally go to the pub, to be a good person there because back on May 1st some jackasses started a literal riot at the place. I ate well (a spinach, Gouda, and mushroom pie plus a hummus plate), I drank well (a half-flight of four 4 oz. samplers of the pub's ciders), I tipped well. I'll be back sometime; there's music plus soccer culture there.

Next was not an indulgence, but it was time to do so: I went clean-shaven again, losing the Van Dyke because a few days ago I'd accidentally trimmed the mustache wrong, darn it.

Something unusual and special happened at the Portland Timbers soccer game I then listened to as the day drew to a close: supporters of the Timbers plus supporter groups for the visiting Seattle Sounders, usually vocal opponents in a rivalry match like this, spent the games' first 33 minutes being very quiet, as a protest. At 33:01 into the match, THEN both sides erupted in noise and banner-waving. It was a little surreal and, in a way, impressive.

More rest, then it was Saturday (today!). A much quieter day, overall, with grocery shopping this afternoon at WinCo at SE 82nd and Powell.

And I'm winding down for the weekend's end.

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