Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

But then, some days are better.

Despite a second late start at work in a row (for the same reason as Sunday), I made an effort to make today better than yesterday. I think I succeeded.

And I had an unexpected pleasure: a cousin who lives in New Jersey, right across the Hudson from Msnhattan, flew into Portland this morning (his immediate family still lives in Oregon) and stopped at the valet booth to say hi. He had to wait a bit as I was bringing down a car, and then he had to wait a little more because I was so in Work Mode that I didn't get why my co-workers were gesturing at the guy sitting on our outside bench going "say hi!" THEN I took a good look and: hey, hi, cousin!

What also helped my day be better was me realizing we had plenty of people working today, so I asked during my lunch if I could simply clock out early. I got the OK, and went home to relax, stopping at McDonald's on the way.
Tags: work

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