Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Man on a mission, baby you know it's true

Reason for much of my darting-and-jumping today? Trying to find a particular water bottle.

I did two trips, and almost did a third trip, to try and find it. No luck yet, but I have a backup if the bad luck keeps up.

This is partly why I took the Max light rail out to Portland International Airport tonight. Oh, and I had dinner there, too, at the PDX Panda Express (what a couple of friends of mine refer to as "Crack Panda"), because hunger caught up with me there. Good thing the airport tries to feed you well.

In other accomplishments, I did some catch-up work at the office today. Y'know, yesterday I read the Snopes page about New Year's traditions (beware of pop-ups), and kind of liked the one about how you should do something work-related on January 1st -- but only a token work-related thing. Oh, yeah, I can get behind that...
Tags: peregrinations, work

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