Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


(Well, sort of.)

I was grocery shopping tonight at WinCo, in the ice cream aisle. A fifty-something guy was looking at the many options and talking to a passing other fifty- (or maybe sixty-) something guy about what ice cream was good, and he said "Moose tracks! Sounds good, but, where have those moose been?" The passing guy chuckled and walked away; I and a few other people were still near the jokingly-wondering-about-ice-cream-cleanliness guh. Who said almost the same line again. Okay, guy wants an audience. I can handle that.

I praised the variety of ice cream you can get nowadays, and decided to get the WinCo-brand Sea Salt Caramel. The guy said "You don't know where sea salt's been, either! Was it with the seaweed?"

I replied, "Hey, fiber."

He chuckled.

I have no idea if I even said truth, but it's what I came up with in the moment. But a lesson* I got once: sometimes even something non-funny seems funny in the moment, if you phrase it well. I did! Well enough.

* Here's the lesson! I was listening to Howard Stern interview Norm MacDonald, who was talking about the very funny Don Rickles. MacDonald quoted Rickles from a talk show appearance, where he'd said something that literally made no sense, but which he made funny. The audience and the host, in the moment, laughed, but it wasn't a joke. MacDonald added "You can't really improvise a joke in the moment: there's no craft to that. You can just make it sound funny." Obviously Don Rickles could craft true jokes, but even nonsense can be funny, too.

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