Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Hasn't happened yet...

...but it could.

My 19 years living in Portland, as opposed to the visiting I did for many years before I moved here, I've had a car while also walking and bussing to many of the places I go to. Options, I has them. Portland's a good city for walking places (it has relatively short blocks) and TriMet, with its buses, MAX light rail trains and streetcars, covers a lot of ground. All of the multi-month or multi-year jobs I've had here, and some of my brief one-day or one-week temp assignments (though fewer, percentage-wise), have been easily reachable by bus. But sometimes, a car's more convenient.

Here's my worry, though: that some day I'll drive to work, do my day of work, then forget I'd driven to work, ride TriMet home, and not realize I'd done this wrong until I get home car.

I've never done this. But I've reminded myself surprisingly often of this possibility, of maybe it happening. I did today. I drove to work. (Luckily, I'd already considered driving today, and then this morning I overslept. Without driving, unless I'd really scrambled, I'd've been late. And with my Sunday commuting issues, even scrambling like that wouldn't have guaranteed me getting there on time.) Later, while in the terminal on a break and headed back to the Valet booth we operate out of, I looked down the escalators to the lower level where the Employee Shuttle unloads and loads and thought Remember, go THAT way tonight after clocking out, not THAT way towards MAX.

Of course, the punchline would be that the very next time I drive, I have a brain fart and do just that, but I will really really try not to.
Tags: peregrinations, work

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