Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Changes of plans

Today I was possibly going to do overtime at work, then I was more likely to do OT, then I was less likely, then I was more likely again, then I actually was on the clock 45 minutes past my usual time before a supervisor decided nope, they didn't need me for OT today.

Had I done overtime, I might still have been at work at this time. (Swing shift ends at 11:30.)

To prepare for the possibility of overtime, I'd driven to work (turning around 12 blocks from home when I realized I'd forgotten my parking pass. Glad I didn't realize that 100 blocks from home), so with most of the evening and a car available to me, I went first to Bridge City Comics for my latest batch of comics then to the North Portland landmark Jubitz for dinner. Jubitz is a damn good truck stop with a really good 24-hour diner called Cascade Grill. Open-faced roast beef, mashed potatoes, and onion rings plus a glass of sweet tea are all in me. Thumbs up. Plus my server was glad to see I was reading Carrie Fisher (Surrender the Pink); "I love her," she said.

So I treated myself. Good idea, usually.

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