Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Hmm, Dream-Me

Interesting (to me at least) image from my dream last night. The plot I remember from it was that I was at an event in a store with special guest Mark Hamill, and I talked to him briefly, hoping to make him laugh. I started telling him my Frank Darabont anecdote (the one I recounted at the end of this entry from 2010), but we got interrupted.

That's not where the image came in. It came in after, when I left the store to walk through the parking lot in front of the store. More of the event was happening in that lot: many people out there. The lot had a decorative planter, with very tall grass-like plants, like four feet tall or so, around it.

From where Dream-Me stood, in the planter was a hole. A big one. A seemingly bottomless one. It was well-obscured by the tall grass but was definitely there. And people were, blindly, jumping across the hole. They couldn't see it from their side of the planter, but they knew it was there. Think about it: what if they hadn't known?

There's the concept of the Missing Stair, the idea that some people are trouble and do troubling things but the others around them adapt, working around them instead of confronting what that someone does that is troubling. This feels kind of like that, in a less elegant way.
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