Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A decent day at work today

Today went decently. Reasonably productively, and with a variety of stuff accomplished.

I almost began the day with a bad decision, though: I almost headed to work without my coat, but changed my mind, which is good because the drizzle started less than two blocks from the house. It also got cold, and stayed cold: this was the first day since last spring where Portland's temperature didn't even get to 50° F. I might not be really ready for fall weather, but okay, I guess I'll have to...

I also managed to leave early enough to get an earlier bus to work, and thus an earlier MAX train, and avoid the issue of the Sunday bus that sometimes takes too long and makes me miss my train to the airport and be late. That meant I got to work early enough that I had time to just sit, rest, read, and mentally prepare for the day and the week.

Work happened. And then when it was time for lunch, I indulged something I couldn't do before and got lunch on the concourse, on the other side of security. First time I've done that (I've eaten back there after work before). I got a grab-and-go bay shrimp salad from the PDX Mo's, an Oregon clam chowder chain, and ate in a table area underneath a large kinetic indoor windmill.

Then more work happened. Don't worry, I work.

It's been a relaxing night since then. Time soon for sleep.
Tags: work

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