Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

So. It wasn't perfect.

I try to be helpful. Plenty of times, I am. Sometimes I'm helpful enough — maybe not completely, but at least partially.

It's just that today at least twice while at work, I did what I thought would be helpful and the result was...awkward, instead.

Maybe I guessed wrong about what would be helpful. Maybe (more likely, in fact) my timing just sucked.

There's a headline I got thinking of today, because of this. The newspaper I used to write for, after I'd quit and before my editor got fired by the new corporate bosses* who'd bought the paper, had an article about a town's program that had had unintended, frustrating consequences. My former editor's headline: GOOD DEED GOES PUNISHED. I think my former editor had wanted an excuse for that headline for years.

Luckily, today for me was...not that punishing. Just sometimes awkward.

And I was helpful, successfully, at other times.

* That paper, the Hermiston Herald, was bought by literally our competitor, the East Oregonian, based in Pendleton. The EO moved the Herald out of its longtime office into what had been the EO's Hermiston, Oregon office and got rid of quite a few people. I felt bad for my editor for that; he'd hoped to retire as a newspaper editor.
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