Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Thhhhhhhhhhhhat could have gone better

Um. Everyone's fine, but I might be the reason someone at the airport started driving the wrong way.

This takes some explaining and set-up. Valet has a part of the airport's Upper Roadway where we park cars for returning customers. I needed to move one car from the end nearest the exit ramp to about the middle of that stretch of road. Counterintuitively, sometimes the quickest, safest way to do that is to drive the wrong way. I do this rarely, and very carefully: slowly and with the hazard lights on, accommodating other cars still going the right way.

As I did this earlier today, one car suddenly pulled over, into the spot I was moving to. I stopped. That driver pulled out, continued the right way, drove past me...then turned around near where I'd first pulled out, drove past me the wrong way, then CONTINUED PAST THE other words, exiting through the entrance ramp.

I'm a little surprised no one crashed during this. Co-workers of mine tried to flag down the wrong-way driver, but the driver still did it. Did that driver think me doing it made it okay for them to do it? I AM A PROFESSIONAL, DO NOT TRY THIS IN YOUR OWN VEHICLE.

(And to stay honest, I'll add that I'd started to back into the parking space when all this happened, got distracted by that wrong-way driver, then realized I'd come this close to scraping an already-parked car. I'm lucky I didn't. I can't let other people's stupid driving lead to me driving stupidly.)
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