Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Coming soon: a day off

It took me nearly a year into this job to request a day off ahead of time. Sunday, Nov. 10th will be that day.

Previously, I've had a handful of sick days, and one day where I called out from work the night before due to sudden urgent personal shit (my car getting stolen last summer). But I've been very, very reliable. I've never been more than 15 minutes late, and called ahead every time. (One of the times the cashier who answered automatically assumed I was a customer changing his arrival time and told me "Okay, give me your ticket number...") And of course I've done plenty of extra shifts, including a day last winter when Portland had snow so my bus ride was slow but the cashier who'd asked me to come in had said "Any time you can get here will be fine." My bosses know I'm reliable.

I have no grand plan for the day off. I just want a day off. I might get to go to a special show on Saturday and not have to hustle back home to get to bed early, but I'll see. And it's a decent time to take a day off because we're just before a really busy period for airport valet. We're generally much busier two weeks before Thanksgiving than on Thanksgiving week (same with the weeks before Christmas), because most of our customers are businesspeople and they'll be wrapping up a lot of business before the holidays complicate their schedules.

A three-day weekend, for me, not for a holiday reason but just for a personal reason. Feels good.

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