Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In which I watch my tongue

In more than one way, I'm better this evening than I was this morning. My head cold was still lingering and I'd had interrupted sleep — punctuated by dreams influenced by the new HBO adaptation of Watchmen for some reason, even though I can't watch it — so I called out of work to have another day to recover.

And by my standards, my mood this morning was poisonous. I was pissed. I was easily getting emotional and in particular angry. So...I haven't said much online today.

I was worried I'd start burning some bridges. Yeah, I felt angry.

This afternoon's been better. Once I felt up for it, I got out for a short drive, first to the nearest drugstore for cold-and-cough syrup plus some treats, then to a fast food drive-thru. I was hungry. Specifically, I was hungry for Taco Bell. I got home, ate, had the medicine plus aspirin, and was glad I didn't have to go out again. I try not to drive while on cold medicine.

And I may have a better handle on my thoughts now.

May I be well and back to work tomorrow? This is not the way I wanted to have a break.

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