Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The last week or so, told quickly

Hello, December. We'll get to know each other now.

Some of what I've been to leading up to December:

Work. Including my regular Thursday shift, last Thursday, but that day I drove to the airport (very little traffic on Portland's freeways, yay) so I could hit the road for Dundee right after work. Got to my parents' place, quickly changed out of my work vest, work tie and work shirt, and joined Mom and Dad in one of their cars to go to Thanksgiving with Uncle Greg, Aunt Peg, and Cindy in Dayton.

Resting. On Friday I stayed in bed (except for a couple quick bathroom trips) until past 10 a.m. That felt luxurious.

Getting back home. That was my Friday evening, on a bright, brisk afternoon. Including stopping at a Carl's Jr., for dinner, because I had coupons for that chain.

Watching The Right Stuff. After errands Saturday morning, I decided it was a good time to invest in three hours of watching that film about test pilots and the space program. I'm glad I did.

And today, while moving a pickup truck to Valet's overflow lot very early in the morning, I saw a heron fly above Frontage Road. Slightly surreal to see a big bird that close.

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