Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Pet peeve

Pet peeve of mine: WHEN PEOPLE DON'T ANSWER A QUESTION YOU'VE ASKED. So this morning I was on the #19 bus, headed to downtown Portland's Transit Mall (about to become a many-block-long construction site as light rail tracks are added to it), and I asked the bus driver "Is the 5th Street stop still open?"

Turns out this stop (SW 5th and Broadway, to be exact) is open. The driver, however, said, "No, but..." -- and proceeded to tell me about stuff that's near the stop I've asked about, but not telling me if my regular (for now) bus stop is still open. Because, I guess, he thought I'd asked "Is the 5th Steet stop closed?" or "Has the mall construction started?" or some other permutation/variation on my actual question, I don't know.

We finally were within about six blocks of the stop that I was (yes!) able to take, moving slowly through traffic and construction, and the driver of the car in front of the bus took longer than needed to start moving forward. The bus driver grumbled towards that driver, "Oh, no, you're not breaking down right there."

"No," I said, because I was annoyed, "he's just doing that to annoy you."

Me, peeved. Strange sight. Beware of it.
Tags: portland

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