Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Slightly shorter steps

One of my feet, my left one, is a little sore.

It was more sore yesterday, which I had to deal with while on the job, which involves lots of walking. I'm thinking I shouldn't have gone a long distance at lunch that day (the McDonald's in Concourse C) but stayed closer to the valet booth.

Anyway. Today I've been more careful. Indulged in a bath in the morning, and massaged the foot a bit. For ambiance I listened to Abbey Road, often smiling at the music.

Then I still got out and about, just more gingerly than usual. Route 10 to Route 75 to NE Glisan, where I got onto the 19 after waiting for a bit at the Glisan and Cesár E. Chavez traffic circle...

...then got off at NE 28th so I could spend time at Beulah.

Been home since early afternoon, sitting and reading plus doing laundry. Today's been about not having to move too fast, so that my foot will soon improve.
Tags: peregrinations

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