Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Not everything is food


I could eat less.

I should.

At least a little.

I've gained weight this year. My reasonably physical job, with a lot of walking and some jogging plus the occasional run*, hasn't been enough to counter my better and increased food intake compared to when I was, y'know, out of work for a while.

I'm aware of this. I'm considering plans for this. One of several reasons is that I likely eat more for dinner than I should, so today I made sure to have an early dinner (almost a late lunch, really) then went for a many-block walk, while reading the lovely new fantasy novel The Starless Sea by The Night Circus's Erin Morgenstern. I've heard that being active right after a meal means you're more likely to use the calories you just ingested; if so, thank you, homemade ramen!

Not elaborating at the moment, due to that psychological thing where telling people "I'm gonna do this!" makes you kind of feel like you already really have done this, and I don't want to short-circuit myself this way. But. I can always be in better shape.

Entry title inspired by that song in 1980's Popeye:

* I've had to chase down a car driving the wrong way in a cramped part of the parking garage, waving my arms and yelling "Stop!" For one example.

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