Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

On a much, much happier note...

I've got happy-making news:

* Caitlin books, baby! My Amazon order of two copies of two novels by Caitlin R. Kiernan (she who is known LiveJournally as greygirlbeast) reached my place today! I bought two copies each of her new novel, Daughter of Hounds, and the mass market paperback of her 2001 novel Threshold.

Why am I excited? Because, as Poppy Z. Brite once said, "Caitlin R. Kiernan writes like a Gothic cathedral on fire." To sort of describe Caitlin's work, a lot of which is dark fantasy with some science fiction, imagine a version of H.P. Lovecraft's story-world -- a world of bizarre alien eminences and strange uneartlhy powers -- where you actually can imagine the characters having sex. She's also heavily influenced by (to name just a few) Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carroll, David Lynch, Harlan Ellison, and a friend and colleague of hers you may have heard of named Neil Gaiman. I'm a huge fan of Caitlin's; have been since my first exposure back in 2002. And I'm privileged to have had good on-line dealings with her and her significant other Kathryn Pollnac, a.k.a. Spooky and humglum, who's a photographer and dollmaker and a piece of work in her own right. I'm rambling. I'm rambling because I'm excited.

* Another good mail thing: DVDs! I ordered two special editions through Border's using Christmas money (thanks, T.J. and Cindy!), and the company shipped them straight to my place. Here's my eclectic-ness coming to the fore: they're the 3-disc special editions of Terry Gilliam's Brazil and Kevin Smith's Clerks. Hee.

* I'm fed and warm and home and relaxing.

* I know people like leonardpart6 who do things like this and (then) this.

OK; now I need to make sure the DVDs actually play...
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