Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Well, blow me down. Almost literally.

It was like working in a wind tunnel.

Wind and rain was coming to the airport from the south. It can, and today did, get channeled through the space between the terminal to the northwest, the short term parking garage to the southeast, and the canopy above all of it. I was wet for a lot of today, because our outside-no-matter-what job still had to get done no matter what.

We did it as quickly as possible. Luckily we were rarely busy today, so we could get stuff done then hide in the Valet booth, waiting. Unless someone opened the booth door and the wind caught it, keeping the door open until someone grabbed and closed it.

I accidentally caused physical comedy today, more than once: I opened the door while we were ringing up a returning customer paying for their parking, and WHOOSH tickets and paperwork went flying and we had to chase it down. At least we got it back. Still, windy.

Also, mea culpa, I caught a piece of a co-worker's wardrobe in that damn booth door. Sorry. (I apologized to my co-worker as soon as I realized I'd done it.)

Once I was home, I indulged in a warm shower. Getting warm and staying warm? A gift.
Tags: work

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