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IT...okay I can stop shouting. Today, the start of my weekend and a day where I had the house to myself, I did a monthly assigned cleaning thing. But before I did, I hacked away at some cleaning I also needed to do in my bedroom. I had piles of piles. Now...I have some smaller piles, and s bed still covered from this morning when I started weeding out and sorting some things. So I have stuff still to do.

But I feel more organized. Including with my CDs: in the last few months I bought some more CDs (PHYSICAL MEDIA FOR THE WIN...wait, I don't have to yell) and I hadn't gotten around to shelving them, so I laid them out and figured out where on my two CD racks they'd go. Alphabetical order on those by film (for my film score rack) and by band/musician (for my other rack), and I made the holes in each rack to fit the new CDs. In fact, I realized I'd misfiled a couple of other CDs and properly re-filed them.

And now lots of paper is recycled, plus while going through that paper I found my last two bank statements and balanced my checkbook — I'm glad I know how to do that — and that meant I could recycle those bank statements too (with account numbers torn out and thrown away elsewhere so there's less of a chance someone can do fraud with those statements). Recently I inadvertently set my bank preferences to "no paper statements" and couldn't set it back, so I'll try that for now and see if I still keep my bank balance, well, balanced.

I want to call this "early spring cleaning," but to be fair this is more like "spring cleaning seven months late."

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