Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Meanwhile (which can have its letters rearranged to spell "Heal me, win")

What's my past week been like, you may ask? Well:

Work. Including an extra shift a week ago Friday, then my regular Sunday-to-Thursday. Late in this week, I got the added challenge of fighting off a cold. Feels like I have, but it was touch-and-go, and the 30-something degrees plus rain we've had this week added to that challenge. Oh, I've been pushing fluids. Pushing. Pushing...

(I could have done some of my monthly house cleaning on Wednesday afternoon/night or Thursday afternoon/night, but I did not feel up for doing so. At least I slept well. Including having a dream one night of trying to get back to a diner to pay a bill I'd somehow not paid, and that diner was in a "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"-style theme park but one that was modeled partly on 1960s Star Trek; Dr. Daystrom was one of the people in the park.)

Really, there wasn't much more than that, the work. And my blogging brain wasn't kicking in, so, no entries for a week.

Next week should be a regular, typical work week. Maybe it'll be less overwhelming and tiring.
Tags: dreams, work

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