Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Is Mercury in retrograde?

So much truth in rock. Like what Led Zeppelin said: "Communication breakdown/ It's always the same..."

Hi. I'm trying to keep my sense of humor after a long day of, over and over, my co-workers and I miscommunicating. Of, over and over, things going wrong. Of trying to catch mistakes and not being able to. And of having So Much To Do. I stayed late to help, then I stayed longer, and longer, and I ended the day having worked 12-and-one-quarter hours. Hourly and with overtime, at least, but those were difficult hours.

I've often said that this job can get surprisingly complicated, but it's usually not difficult. This time, though, the complications on top of complications made it difficult. Oy.

It wasn't just me and my co-workers. I tried helping people at the airport today and more than once I couldn't, or, maddeningly, helped them wrong. This case ended safely, but: while I was in a fenced-in part of the parking garage this evening, a man came up to the fence and called to me that he needed help getting out of the garage. I pointed him to the helix-shaped exit ramp you drive down, then I went to take care of a work errand, left the garage, and SAW THAT MAN WALKING UP TO THE EXIT PLAZA. I HADN'T REALIZED HE WASN'T HEADED TO A CAR, HE'D NEEDED TO LEAVE THE GARAGE ON FOOT. And I'd sent him out the most dangerous way he could have left, because I hadn't realized his situation. Thank everything, he got through safely, but: ugh. And, I'm sorry.

It's been that kind of day. At least, at the very least, getting home (eventually (finally)) was relatively painless, plus I stopped to get to-go Popeye's chicken for a late dinner.

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