Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

As they often are, my dream was vivid and matter-of-fact.

In the dream, the planes looked like limo-planes.

Very striking images in my dream last night: I'm riding on a bus through a residential area in a Portland-like city when I look up the street into the sky and see, surprisingly low above the rooftops, two good-sized airplanes. They are squared-off and white, not with rounded fuselages the way almost all planes are, and they're aiming to land on that residential street.

And they do.

In the dream I ride past those planes then get off the bus, walk towards an intersection where by logic (at least by dream-logic) those planes would be headed, and find a stage being set up for a street music festival. Some avant-garde, arty rock woman singer. Who pulls up in the planes. Which, somehow, are fitting safely on narrow inner-Southeast Portland streets.

Somehow. Somehow. Somehow.

Anyway, that's what was in my head as I slept last night.
Tags: dreams
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