Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And news that's more positive

A couple of things:

Here's a small thing first. My current cell phone spent a week unable to connect to the internet, for no apparent reason. It just wouldn't load. Also meant that I couldn't text photos from my phone to anyone. But Sunday morning, for no apparent reason, it started to connect again. Thank you, thing that's working!

And a bigger thing: on Saturday I made my first-ever political campaign contribution. Actual money, if a small amount ($50), to a candidate: Sen. Elizabeth Warren. What I'm hearing of her plans, I like: they feel like good ideas, and good starts. It's an amount I can afford, and of course I could donate more later. I haven't donated to anything political since high school in Northern Virginia circa early Nineties, where for a class I visited a county-level Democratic campaign and learned a little about the campaign process. Felt good to finally go further than that.
Tags: politics

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