Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This is not a paid advertisement for The Club™

I drove my car today.

This was, for me, a big deal. I hadn't driven it since the day I got it back; I went straight to work in it, did much of my regular shift (started late), drove it home, then waited.

A couple of days after getting it back, I installed The Club in it for the first time. (FUN (not actually fun) FACT: I had The Club already. I just hadn't used it before. I hadn't wanted to, but after the frustrating shock of waking up a few Thursdays ago to see MY CAR GONE BECAUSE OF THIEVING ASSHOLES, I realized I'd been waking up each morning since bringing it home wondering if I'd still see the car out there. I didn't want to keep feeling that, so: installed.

That was several days ago. I'd been putting off taking it to get gas. Also I've been hella busy at work. Also also I'd waited until I'd gotten my replacement registration form for the car (DMV trip on Tuesday; I'd been too tired after work Monday to want to go to the DMV afterward, and the Friday before the extra shift I worked that day went too long for me to get to the DMV) because, YOU WANT TO BE STREET LEGAL. At least I do.

So, slowly, I'd been cleaning up the mess caused by the car theft. But I hadn't driven my car. Until today.

Got gas, so that's freshly topped off. I drove to a branch of my bank and got money from an ATM (not a drive-up; I try not to use drive-thrus more than occasionally). Then I wanted to, simply, drive.

I wanted to get used to driving my car again. I wanted it not to be weird that I could drive it. I wanted to get more practice bringing it home and installing The Club, as added protection. And honestly? Driving today helped.

And I drove around more. Over to Powell, 92nd, and Foster. Turned left at a new left turn (with signal), allowing westbound Foster traffic to get onto westbound Holgate, a turn that hadn't been possible the whole time I've lived in Portland but was added during recent Foster Road improvements. Then to 52nd then to Woodstock, where I parked. I stopped at the library then at a 7-Eleven for a Slurpee; I'd been in the mood for one. Then, with drizzle finally lightly falling, I drove home. And installed The Club.

My car needs at least an oil change soon; I decided to wait on that. And, eventually, I'll do longer trips in it again. Longer than going to the folks' place in Dundee, I mean.

But driving it now feels...less weird. A small victory.

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