Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Tweaking the commute

TriMet made schedule changes Sunday. Some of them big, some of them small. And one definitely helps me:

My work weeks start on Sundays. Sometimes, more often than I'd like, the Sunday morning bus I take to the MAX would be delayed enough that I'd miss my usual train, because I had the shortest time to transfer on Sundays, and the later train would get me to work just a little late. Late by 15 minutes, but I'd still have to call in to let someone know*.

I started sometimes taking an earlier Sunday bus to counter this, so at least if I even somehow missed the earlier train too (as happened once) I'd get on the train that'd arrive on time.

But, I was getting tired of having that extra-early start at the start of my work week. I was starting to rebel against that, and was having no problems transferring so far...

...and problems are now less likely, because due to the aforementioned tweaks I have more time to transfer to the needed Sunday train. More wiggle room. And less need to leave the house at Oh-Dark Minus 22 Minutes, as opposed to the Oh-Dark time I usually leave. The tweaks also mean that I have slightly longer to wait at the MAX station on weekdays, but I'm OK with that trade-off.

There will be at least one (temporary) commute tweak coming soon, but I won't talk about it yet because I really don't know exactly how (and how well) it will work; I'll have to wait and see.

* And I'm still slightly annoyed about the time I called our booth and the cashier who answered thought I was a customer, not a co-worker. I had to say more than once that nope, I work there.
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