Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

In my tell-me-nice-things post, my friend Tarah had a happy-happy story (reposted with her kind permission):
This morning I had a feeling that I should check [my home county's] animal shelter webpage. They now have a feature where you can see the mug shots and bios of animals available for adoption. The first picture that came up when I ran a search was a little pug dog that was originally a lost pet but no one claimed him. The shelter had named him "Tully." Chris, you know how much I love animals and it breaks my heart to think about all the innocent creatures that are euthanized each day. Fortunately for Tully, I knew of a pug lover. I e-mailed the photo to my secretary with a note that Tully was on "death row" -- his only crime was being homeless and unloved. My secretary left the office immediately, drove to the shelter, and adopted Tully, who she has renamed "Bucky" because he has a front tooth that sticks out of his little mouth. I can't save all of the creatures at the shelter but I helped to save one today and that made me feel good.

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