Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I've had the ocean on my mind. I'll explain why soon.

From the Beach
by Christopher Walsh, 3/20/2020

An ocean always lets itself be known:
Its sound, at ev'ry beach, endless and thrown:
The rising-falling noise of waves which hit
The sand and rocks and other waves: they pit
Their wearing action on the land: a liquid grindstone.

You see the ocean blanketing itself: shown
Is just the very top, with depths on top of depths unknown
Depths which to us may just feel infinite:
An ocean always lets itself be known.

Tides wax and wane, a pattern never blown
Move up, move down, move up, fallen back then grown
Its quintillion tons keep moving, never simply sit
As currents and earthquakes stir the seas: exquisite
Weight of most all our water, un-prone.
An ocean always lets itself be known.

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Tags: poetical

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