Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Well. Stuff has happened.

I won't bury the lede: yesterday I was furloughed, as the Port of Portland has closed the airport's valet operation for now. I learned Tuesday afternoon while at work that this was possible and likely; I got word Wednesday; and yesterday I drove to the airport's valet booth, turned in my airport employee ID and my employee parking badge, and picked up my last paycheck.

What happens next depends on the virus, and on how (and how well) we fight it.

But. I began this week honestly not expecting to be unemployed at the end of it. Now things are different. Different-er. Hi, uncertainty: I'm feeling you and so are lots of other people.

I'll post this, then do a more in-depth entry on how this past week's been for me. There'll be a nice photo at the end of that.

Meanwhile, take care, wash your hands, don't wash other people's hands (social distancing, yo), what you can to deal.
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