Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


...I started late. Deliberately; I let myself stay in bed, resting. Recovering from a frustrating dream, for one thing, a dream where a bunch of things of mine broke in increasingly unlikely ways. (In the dream, my flip phone somehow went limp.) It was kind of a relief to wake up and figure out that none of that had happened.

I woke up, showered — as usual, it made me feel more human — and got slightly productive. I walked to an ATM to deposit the paycheck I got Friday, the check with my work and PTO hours from this past week, plus unused personal time (vacation pay and sick pay) the company needed to let me have. It was a decent-sized check, which helps. And now it's deposited. Though several blocks into the walk, I realized I'd forgotten to sign the back of the check so I'd need to make a stop to do so.

(Why walk? With my job (I hope just temporarily) gone, I'm suddenly getting far fewer steps in in a day, so walking up there and back was a good idea.)

I went into WinCo at SE 82nd and Powell briefly, and found a pen at Customer Service, and got out before I spent too much time close to people. THEN I deposited the check.

I tried to make two stops on the way home, at two different coffee shops, but one is already closed (as a sign in the window simply says, "because of the thing") and one had closed early today with a sign noting that it'll close for the duration of this situation after tomorrow (Sunday). There. A little more social distancing, done, I guess.

Then I got home, and wrote, and had a pretty basic dinner of canned soup. The appetizer: part of a can of Pringles. Later, wanting something funny and absurd, I borrowed on Hoopla the funny and absurd monster film Inhumanwich!, which my friend David Cornelius wrote and directed several years ago. I laughed some needed laughs. We often need to laugh.

Now. Tomorrow would have been my day back to work, if my work still had work. Now it's a day off. I hope I'll be productive some ways.

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