Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


I'm being careful.

Am I being careful enough? That's one of the maddening parts of this.

When I've gone out, whether shopping like last night or for long walks like I did yesterday and today, I've given other people their space. I'm hand-washing, I hope well enough. I'm watching my overall health; I feel healthy. I'm healthy so far, I hope. I guess.

If I'm not, though...

If I had something when I went to the Oregon Coast a week ago, did I do enough social distancing there to keep that something (if, again, there WAS anything I had) from getting to other people? Was I wrong to take that trip? I can't know. I went as far as to say on Facebook that I shouldn't have gone.

For lower stakes, here's a true story I've told before in this blog. In early 1993 I was at college freshman year and feeling lousy. I didn't know it, but I'd gotten chicken pox. Wanting to do something to take my mind off of how I felt, I went to the movie theater at Springfield, Or.'s Gateway Mall. And saw A KIDS FILM. 1993's The Sandlot. A couple days later, when I got diagnosed with a freakin' pox, I started to wonder if there'd be an outbreak traced to that particular screening. Maybe an outbreak big enough to make the news? Maybe people who saw that with me felt miserable days later and found out it was chicken pox.

And the risks with COVID-19 are higher than that. Chicken pox is lousy, but usually bearable (and vaccine-able, now — since 1995, it turns out). So am I doing enough to avoid coronavirus? To avoid potentially spreading it? And also to keep from going stir-crazy at the house?

(Those walks, by the way, have each been about 70 blocks. Yesterday, I headed southwest to south of Woodstock Blvd., and got as far west as Cesár E. Chavez Blvd. (about 30 blocks west of where I live) before heading back up to Woodstock and heading home. Today I went north and slightly west, getting up to the southwest corner of Mt. Tabor Park and sitting on some straw to read, before heading back. Again, WITH KEEPING GOOD DISTANCE FROM PEOPLE.)

All I can do is watch how I feel, and deal with it if that changes from "okay" to "somehow not okay." And hope I'm doing what I can to stay okay and to keep others okay.

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