Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yay Poppy!

New Orleans author and foodie Poppy Z. Brite is buying a house!

Sixteen months after Poppy's home was flooded during Hurricane Katrina, she and chef husband Chris DeBarr (a highly-regarded and well-liked chef, by the way) are living in an OK situation -- an apartment where they can keep their approximately two dozen rescued animals (hey, copperwise: another Furry Horde!) -- but they sold their house to someone who will try to restore it, and needed a new place.

And finally, they've found it, in Central City, a few blocks off of Central Avenue. They committed to staying in New Orleans, moving back as soon as they possibly could (six weeks "post-K"). It's been a tough commitment -- you can peruse her journal to see how hard things have been for her -- and they knew they needed a house again.

I'm really glad for them, and hopeful for them.

Good luck, Poppy and Chris.

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