Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

You can.

You do what you can.

I keep coming back to that. It's a simple statement, and a simple approach...that's also an adaptable approach. What does "Do what you can" look like now? What does it look like later? How personal a decision is it each time?

Doing what I can. I try.

And I've tried. I've written about it before: I had to work on 9/11. At a call center, a call center overwhelmed with calls: people needed to add calling time to their long distance calling cards, which were a thing back then. We helped as many people as we could; plenty couldn't get through to us. But I managed to stay on the phone. I gave myself the option of not taking calls if I got overwhelmed, but I tried not to get overwhelmed. I stayed on, because so so so many people could be helped by me if I stayed on the phone.

It wasn't easy — that day probably remains the single most stressful of my life — but I did what I could.

In this quarantine, I'm trying to do what I can. I'm trying to. Trying to.

Once again, I'll see what "do what you can" looks like tomorrow.

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