Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Seven-plus miles

Yesterday, though I did get out and about, I didn't walk much. I drove to Books With Pictures to pick up a recent order, drove up to NE 28th so I could drive past Beulahland (and hope I'll get to visit it soon), then to WinCo for groceries; but not much walking. Wednesday, thank goodness, I did get a decent walk done, on and hear SE Harold and Steele Streets until I turned around at the 7-Eleven at SE 28th and Steele. (I treated myself to a Super Gulp of horchata. I hadn't known 7-Eleven had horchata.)

Today, starting late this morning, I walked again. With a mocha I got to go from Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels, I went farther: up Foster and 51st, then Division, then Cesár E. Chavez Blvd. to (briefly) Hawthorne Blvd.; then up to 34th and Belmont, east from there to 60th, and over onto the lower slopes of Mt. Tabor. Then past the lower reservoirs, back to 60th, then through various neighborhoods to get home.

Good social distancing achieved during all of this, too. I do what I can.

I took pictures, if you'd like to see some highlights.

Seven-plus miles. I think (and hope) I'll sleep well soon.
Tags: peregrinations

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