Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Bugs, at least

Prrrrrrrobably the coronavirus won't affect bugs. It's early spring and it's time for bugs to do their thing and become more prevalent, and guess what? They are.

I've been watching the flying bugs* in particular. Before I went on a walk today, I looked out the house's front door and saw very small flies hovering near the windows. On a walk through neighborhoods off of Foster Road this afternoon, as I zigzagged down a few main roads and several side roads, I saw a few small groups of other tiny flying things: not yet clouds of them, as can happen, but they're out and about.


Other animals will be able to tell things are different. Birds, cats and dogs, coyotes, maybe bears if they're close enough to where people live: they're adapting to what's different, as we are. Bugs don't have to.

If the bugs were noticeably fewer, though: that would be another bad sign.

This entry took a turn.

* Like bats! No, not like bats at all.

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