Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Tiny poems for a tiny virus

I saw a challenge elsewhere online: why not write haiku inspired by the pandemic and quarantine?

And I thought, why not? These came first:

Protected enough?
Quarantined enough, now, still?
Can we all keep well?

Weighted, ill-struck air
— Air with things which we must fight
To keep Sick at bay

Viruses don't care.
They wish to spread, grow, sicken.
Be better than them.

Soap. Activate suds,
Scrubbed, lathered, deployed to stop
What wants to stop us.

...and here are more:

Microscopic ills
Meet worldwide cleaning efforts
To cause fewer ills

Face. Face. My face. Face.
Wash hands, wash face, then I may
Scratch my face. I think.

No smiles through a mask
So friendliness could be shown
With words and hand-waves

We'll have handled this threat. Then:
So. Many. Hugs. (Yay!)

We are not Martians.
We can't let this defeat us.
Thanks for warning, Wells.
Tags: poetical

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