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Football, plus random

Quick grab-bag:

* First,

* You know, I was planning to be on the road before the end of the Seahawks-Cowboys game, going from "I'll leave at halftime" to "OK, I'll watch through the end of the third" to "Might as well watch all the fourthHOLYCRAPWHATJUSTHAPPENED??!!" (That last comment was slightly time-compressed for dramatic purposes. But yeah. Wild finish. AWESOME finish.)

* I visited my folks this afternoon (so that's where I saw the game) then headed home tonight, stopping at Fred Meyer Tigard for quick groceries. The guy who rang me up said he was having a good day, except for having a sore throat...and that was from watching the end of that same game on his break, and cheering. "Romo's gonna get a lot of heat for that," he said. I flashed on Tony Romo dejected on the sideline and said, "Hey, 'Romo,' 'emo'; they kind of rhyme!" Which was a little cruel. And for which I don't apologize. ;-)

And now the random:

* Has there ever been music that could be called "Goth Country"? 'cause I'd probably listen to that.
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