Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I took no pictures of the dramatic clouds.

Worth it, to drive around the Southeast Portland Metro area after a brief rainstorm, so that while I drove the clouds opened up and got dramatically back-lot by the evening sun...

I let myself go out driving this evening. I make sure to drive every few days. My next planned drive, yes there's a plan, is this coming Friday, but meanwhile my car still runs, which is good to know.

My path, improvised based on what was convenient or interesting, was down 72nd to Duke to 92nd until it went near Clackamas Town Center — normally a busy mall, decidedly not busy at the moment, for reasons you know — then winding around side streets until I decided to head home via Gladstone, which is between Oregon City on the south and Milwaukie then Portland on the north. So a brief jaunt on I-205 then off at the exit just before the freeway crosses the Clackamas River. I happened to only go that far south and no further, like the Clackamas River was an impassable barrier. I also reached a turnaround on SE Old 82nd Ave., and saw an old bridge that still goes over the Clackamas River, but apparently just for foot and bicycle traffic, so I went no further. Hey, a place maybe to walk one of these days.

Then after that, over to McLaughlin Blvd., over the viaduct to SE Grand in Portland proper, and over to Hawthorne. The Bagdad Theatre, like the other McMenamin's pubs open again for food pick-up (yay tots!), no longer has the messages THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME and THR FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS on its marquee.

Yes, I wore a mask during all of this.

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