Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A relief

Luckily, I qualified for the $1,200 stimulus payment that was announced back in, um, March it was? Luckily also, I received it today, in the mail. I was starting to worry; the IRS site tracking checks said mine had been scheduled to be mailed last Friday, May 1st, and honestly, I'd thought (and hoped) it'd get here quicker. But it got here.

I hadn't planned on doing errands today, and maybe just going for a walk in the latter half of the day — I also let myself sleep in for all of this morning, since I'd been awakened last night and wanted to catch up on rest — but this was a good errand to do. I walked to the nearest Bank of America and deposited it. It's been a warm day, as well as windy, and I got a slight sweat going on my walk. Good, I can still sweat.

Now I can figure out in more detail what exactly I'll do with the stimulus/relief money. I hadn't wanted to think too much about how to use it, because what if it hadn't gotten here at all? So this is a small load off of my shoulders.

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