Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Coins, still

Two walks today. A relatively short morning one, after some light rain had fallen, and a longer evening one when it was comfortable and dry outside. I saw a couple of places open again, including the Pieper Café; I like supporting it, so I'll be back.

(The game store Red Castle Games has also opened its new location on Foster near 72nd, near the Portland Mercado if you know the neighborhood, so I let some gamer friends know. At-door pickup of games, for now, due to, well, Now.)

It's been a few weeks since I've done long, multi-mile walks, and tonight's walk wasn't as long as I can do, but it helped. I got up to an ATM in the shopping center at SE 82nd and Powell, wandered slightly more north, then started zigzagging obliquely towards home.

And I found coins. Three pennies, but those are three pennies I didn't have before. I know, it's not cost-effective picking up dropped change like that, but I still do it: it's an easy way to cut down on litter and no animals can accidentally swallow them. I'd noticed that lately, I'd found fewer coins; is that because people are handling less physical money or because I've been on shorter walks? Or both? I wonder about this.
Tags: peregrinations

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