Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Airport, groceries, Beulah

A good driving day. So I drove. Twice.

Having time to kill and being curious what's being done there, I drove up to PDX, for the first time since early April. On my way I thought, "If it turns out Valet's reopened without telling me, I'm gonna be pissed," but: no. In fact, the lot that was being set up earlier this year as the new Valet parking area has had extra fencing put in to completely block it off. So: it won't be open anytime soon.

I'd idly toyed with stopping and going in, but that got nixed because only ticketed passengers are allowed in the terminal at the moment. You also must have a mask (which I had, though I did not have a ticket).

A few more buildings north of Airport Way have been knocked down for the airport remodel — an old hanger, the former office for what's called Boutique Air — and the old Concourse A on the south side is now gone. One of the new buildings, a small, wedge-shaped one, is rising just south of Short Term Parking, the garage closest to the terminal.

A place I could and did stop at was the Cell Phone Waiting Area, near the end of the south runway. I stayed long enough to watch the arrival of a Southwest Air jet. Then I left, stopping at a McDonald's drive-thru to get lunch.

I ate in the parking lot of the NE Glisan Fred Meyer, then put my mask back on and shopped. A heavy coupon-use grocery trip (saved over 11 bucks! Small victories!), in a reasonably calm store where customers were being conscientious. I'm choosing to go to smaller Fred Meyer stores lately, as I've heard of people behaving badly at the larger ones. Grr.

I got home with the groceries. (I bought quite a few potato chips. Seriously, it's an especially good idea to buy and eat potato products right now, since during the pandemic there are so many of them needing to be used.) Then rested for a bit, then headed out on Trip Numero Two-Oh.

(I saw a recent Joe Bob Briggs clip a day or two ago. I hadn't heard him say that for a while.)

Beulahland, still closed for in-bar dining, did one of the things it can do right now and opened for a pop-up sale this afternoon. They were cooking red beans and rice and macaroni and cheese, and had teamed with a couple of Brewers to make 32 oz. cans and Mason jars of their beer available. I like supporting Beulah, so I made a point of getting there. A can of lager, a jar of sour cherry cider, a small red beans and rice, and a medium mac-and-cheese. I've already had the beans and rice for tonight's dinner, plus some of the cider; I'm saving the other food and drink for other times of eating and drinking.

Rain tomorrow. I'll see how much I get out, once I've done laundry.

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