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Bathroom fixation

Observed, repeatedly, in my office building's men's room over the last many months: When the guys go to a paper towel dispenser, they grab three towels each. Almost every time. Sometimes they get four; only occasionally, they get two. Never just one. I've come to recognize the fwup-fwup-fwup sound of three towels getting pulled out before the drying-off begins.

And as I try to be a reduce-and-reuse kind of person, this drives me a little nuts. I do my best to use just one towel each time. Since I drink plenty of water throughout the workday (the water cooler and the water bottle are my friends), I likely go more than those other guys do, but I try to think about what I'm using. They aren't. That's probably the key to why this rubs me wrong.

How obsessed am I about this? It actually showed up in my dream last night. Yes, I am a weenie. (On the plus side, Jenette Goldstein from Aliens and Titanic appeared, too, so that's better. She kind of looked like her immigrant character in Titanic, come to think of it...Should I be mentioning this?)

OK. I've written it down. If I'm nuts to be thinking this much about this issue, tell me. If so, I'll find something else to obsess about.

Bet you didn't think you'd be reading about bathrooms today, huh?
Tags: dreams, work

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